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They leave for the Rainbow..

On the very brink of a sky there is a place named Bridge Padugi.
If the animal dies, especially, if it has been very favourite by someone in this life, it gets on Bridge Padugi. There boundless meadows and hills on which our friends can run and play all together. There abundance of food, water and a sunlight. And there to our favourites it is warm and comfortable.
In it to edge all sick and old animals turn in young and total energies; having traumas and mutilations again become healthy and strong. Time for them flies imperceptibly if only we remember them in the dreams and dreams. Animals there are happy and happy with everything, except one - each of them has left earlier and has left in this life someone, very expensive to it.
On Bridge Padugi animals run and carefree play together. But day when someone from them unexpectedly stops comes and looks afar. His eyes light up fire, and the body starts to shiver from impatience. Suddenly he leaves the colleagues, flies over an emerald-green grass, and feet bear its all faster and faster.
He has noticed you; and when you and your favourite at last will meet, strong-strong will embrace, happy because that have incorporated and more never will leave.
It will be, oдурев with happiness, to lick your person, your hand again will caress lovingly his head.
And you once again will look in devoted eyes of the favourite. So for a long time left your life, but never leaving your heart. Now you can cross Bridge Padugi together …



This day on the Rainbow Bridge was unlike for other days. It was gray, sad and oppressing. Animals who not so long were on the bridge, couldn't understand in what business. But all was clear to old residents. They have gathered at edge of the bridge and began to look. Soon all have seen an old dog who came nearer to the Bridge with the lowered head and the drooped tail. Animals which were for a long time already on the Rainbow Bridge, already knew in advance that happens with this dog - they too often saw similar situations.
The dog came nearer slowly, testing, apparently, strong mental anguish though it didn't have trauma or illness signs. For some reason it didn't become, as other animals, again happy and healthy. The dog came nearer, thinking that now it will cross treasured line, and the more close it approached, the became more joyful. But here the way to a dog was blocked by an angel who has apologized and has told that animals without people can't cross the Rainbow Bridge. The old dog had no place to go more, and it left in the field in front of the bridge where were same, as it, the old animals who have come to the bridge without the friend-person. They lay on a green grass, continuously looking at a way which conducted to the Bridge. The new dog has laid down with them together as looking at the Bridge and expecting something.
One of beginners of the Bridge has asked the dog who have lived there already long time: "Who this dog and why it doesn't become healthy and young, how we?"
- You see - the old resident has answered - this dog has been handed over in a shelter when has grown old, such as you it see - an old dog with growing gray wool and tightened by a film of an old age eyes. During its last moment only the employee of a shelter could give it the love, calm him and caress. As it didn't have a family, nobody can translate it through the Bridge.
- Also what will be with it now? - The beginner has asked.
While it looked forward to hearing, all have seen, how clouds have dispersed, and the person has come nearer to the Bridge. All animals waiting for something in the field about the Bridge, have been filled in by gold light, and there and then became again young and healthy. More many animals have run up to the Bridge, увидя the newcomer. They have low bowed to it, and it ironed them on heads and scratched behind ears. Together they have gone to the Bridge and have crossed it.
- What is it? - the beginner has asked.
- This person - the employee of a shelter. Animals who have bowed to it, have found the new house thanks to it. They will cross the Bridge when here there will be their owners. And those who has crossed the Bridge together with it, never had houses. When the employee of a shelter here comes, it is authorized to show last time the love to animals. It translates through the bridge of all poor, to nobody of the necessary animals.
- I love such people! - the beginner has told.
- And God too! - there was an answer.


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