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The Kurilian Bobtail cattery «Island Julapp» is glad to welcome you!


The cattery has received registration WCF 060107.36 in 2006.

The basic direction of work of cattery – stabilisation of pedigree type Kurilian Bobtail at reception of the healthy and socially adapted posterity. Besides participation in the breeding program animals of nursery constantly participate in exhibitions, have the highest titles and set of awards.

Our Kurilian Bobtail are brought up together with small children in love, caress and necessary severity, receive an attention and care maximum. Animals of cattery pass annual inoculation and regular veterinary survey.

The cattery of Kurilian Bobtail «Island Julapp» is always glad to render competent consultation concerning the maintenance of your pupil. But it is important to remember that after purchase of a healthy and thoroughbred animal cargo of responsibility for the further education of your new friend and care of it is put on your shoulders.
Do not forget that we in the answer for those whom have tamed!

And still steam of words would like to tell about especial section of our site not devoted Kuril бобтейлам. If you wish to get to yourselves easier friend, think, whether it is necessary to be spent for purchase of a thoroughbred animal, or it is necessary to pay the attention to those who has not lost hope yet to find to yourself the house.
The centre of rendering of the veterinary help to a homeless animal "Friends" - unique in Chernozem region. Animals from the given Center are imparted, sterilised and socially adapted. Look in their eyes, and can already tomorrow you we will find to themselves the friend and on light becomes less on one lonely soul.

Милонег из Сада Радужных Хризантем

Best regards, Julia Pavlenko
The owner of cattery Kurilian Bobtail «Island Julapp»




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